Friends Dating

Geplaatst op 07-03-2023

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Remember a friend back at school that you always had that crush on but things never went further than just friends? Now you have the chance to reunite with your old friends and you never know how things change.

Friends dating involve catching up with old friends often from college or highschool and insinuated/hinted in the title the catching up will be taken to a more romantic or deeper relationship. This doesn’t always have to be the case depending on your description of dating but in most cases both parties will be looking for more than a friendship.

Dating your friends could be looked upon as a bit weird as the very description of friends is that emotions are not taken to the sexual level.

If you have friends of the opposite sex most of the time they remain just that an become more like brothers and sisters.

However emotions can and often do get the better of us and one of the two “friends” involved would like a deeper connection than just a coffee. How do you move things on further than just coffee when you have been friends for soo long?

Wouldn’t this be a bit weird to bring up especially regarding the close almost sibling like friendship between you currently?

Worse is that fact that they do not even know that your emotions and feelings for them have changed. You might be a little frustrated that you can’t control these emotions and would like the situation to return to normal but mother nature and your emotions are a little more complex than that.

You now have to deal with awkwardness and weird silences between the two of you which did not occur before. Dating old friends may well have been a good idea at the start but you have to decide whether you want to risk your great friendship for a deeper connection which could lead to sexual connection.

Of course things may and likely wont turn out for the best...

Is your current relationship as friends worth ruining for the chance of a real dating relationship?

Often the conclusion is yes because your emotions have already decided for themselves and you are now compelled to initiate a deeper connection with your once “best friend”

Friends dating can be an awkward situation for both guy and girl involved but a rich spiritual relationship can grow from the initial stages.

If you can make it work the two of you now have what most relationships can only dream of, a spiritual and sexual relationship based on mutual friendship. Sadly most relationships are lacking in one area and are not complete relationships themselves.

If friends dating is what you are looking for and your heart has already decided for you that you are going to try to “seduce” or take your friendship to a deeper level then be aware that

1 - your original friendship will not be the same and you could lose your friendship with this person complete as a result of your actions

2 – A deeper connection and great rewards can be the result of a relationship based on a previous friendship.